Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Insurance Industry Profits Up

The property and casualty insurance industry has reported after-tax profits of $44.9 billion for the first nine months of 2006, up 50.1% from a year earlier. If this path continues for the last three months of the year, it "would lead.

Pa. prepares to expand children's health insurance

HARRISBURG, Pa. - Many of the children who pass through Dr. C. Eve Kimball's examination room rely on government-subsidized children's health insurance so their parents can afford checkups for wellness and treatment for illness.

Method and system to recommend insurance plans

A system and method are provided to recommend at least one insurance plan (eg, a health insurance plan) to a user via a computer network.

Whole Life Insurance And Why People Choose It Posted By : Ivon T ...

Although term life insurance policies gets you cheaper monthly payments, when you request quotes, are whole life policies a better buy? With whole life policies you are covered for as long as you live and pay the premiums.

Increased oversight of insurance companies is necessary

These days you'll find ads all over the internet hawking long term disability insurance policies. However, not all policies are equal and some are disingenuous and even misleading.

Does anyone work for insurance co?

Hello I was wondering if anyone already works for insurance co? If you do please email me or reply back here.... my email is I am looking on how to get started with insurance co...

Insurance News - New Laws To Change Auto Insurance Rates (CBS 13 ...

New Laws To Change Auto Insurance Rates (CBS 13 Sacramento) For years, California's poorest residents paid some of the highest premiums for car insurance. Now, that's about to change. Thalia Assuras tells us why.

Insurance Coverage - State Insurance Pool: Can it help you?

A State Insurance Pool is a ground-breaking program that secures insurance benefits for all individuals, even those who are considered to be high-risk by the insurance industry.

Belgium's Ethias Insurance selects SimCorp Dimension

SimCorp announces that Ethias Insurance, the second largest insurance company in Belgium, has chosen SimCorp Dimension for its front, middle and back office operations.

Mandatory Health Insurance In California, Maryland

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